My Gimli is 7!

Your favourite Tibbie girl Lucky Lamto has a real life inspiration – my own furry son Gimli (Colombo Gracia-IN) from my dear friend Inka in Ochoz u Brna. Gimli is 7 year old today and he is stubborn and lovely and loving and perfect as ever.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY SON! 🙂 ❤ May you have many happy years in good health and good mood ahead of you! ❤


By the way, a comics “Gimli” will later on join Lamto in the strips, so stay tuned. 🙂

I am working on the character so he (it will be a boy) is sort of like Gimli, but not quite. I wouldn’t have started this comics if I hadn’t experienced life with a Tibbie in the first place, so the imprint of Gimli (and many other Tibbies that I know, especially thanks to my many Tibbie friends in Finland) is in every single Lucky Lamto strip. I sincerely hope you enjoy the comics – please let me know if you have any thoughts! 🙂

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