Lucky Lamto on Tibbie Life


Lamto conveniently forgot to say that any hooman’s life is better when shared with any dog, not just with a Tibbie! ❤ 🙂

That “love, care and fur all over your place” is actually even bigger and uhh….*fluffier*…when you own a Samoyed for example. Or in case of terrier owners, they have sharp, wiry short dog fur sticking from every upholstered surface! 😀

The author of this comics would love to have a cute little Norwich Terrier but the fur situation might not be ideal then (we already have Gimli the Tibbie and Tuhka the Persian, so you can imagine the amount of fur everywhere – plus, I have quite long hair!). It would be triple the love, care and yes, fur, then though… 🙂 ❤

How has your life been enriched by your doggy? 🙂

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