Lucky Lamto comics began as a couple of quick comics-y doodles (see here) done for the #the100dayproject in 2016. I didn’t last 100 days. I also hadn’t forgotten Lamto – I was just overwhelmed as I was combining full-time work, studies and these strips.

In spring 2017 I restarted my work on Lucky Lamto, but this time in a digital format. Unlike the 3-image doodles of 2016 in a classical strip layout, the strips of the renewed Lucky Lamto have four images each and fit into a square which makes them perfect for sharing on Instagram and other social media.

You may ask, who is Lucky Lamto? And why Lucky and why Lamto? Everything will be revealed in the strips directly, but here is at least a little bit of info on Lamto:

  • Lamto is a Tibetan Spaniel AKA Tibbie, an ancient companion breed from Tibet
  • Lamto is 3 years old
  • Lamto has 2 sisters and 1 brother
  • Lamto lives in an unidentified European country
  • Lamto loves pancakes in a way more passionate than any hooman had ever loved pancakes
  • Lamto is rather opinionated and self-confident (Tibbie owners slaves will understand)
  • In a true Tibbie fashion, Lamto doesn’t mind lounging around for most of the day

Follow Lucky Lamto’s adventures on this website and across social media with the main hashtag #luckylamto ! 🙂

P. S.: Lamto’s hooman creator Michaela Istokova can be contacted here.